simple command line tool to check or monitor your https certificate

> checkssl -days=5 =>
 -> AmazonS3 -
 -> HTTP/2 with TLS v1.3 (released 2018) - latest version
 -> TLS_AES_128_GCM_SHA256 = TLS, message encrypted with AES128 GCM, hashes are SHA256
 1) * expires on 2024-07-29 11:59PM Mon (319.9 days)
 CA-2) Amazon RSA 2048 M01 expires on 2030-08-23 10:21PM Fri (2535.9 days)
 CA-3) Amazon Root CA 1 expires on 2037-12-31 1:00AM Thu (5222.0 days)
 CA-4) Starfield Services Root Certificate Authority - G2 expires on 2034-06-28 5:39PM Wed (3940.7 days)

CheckSSL has marked this as a pass result CheckSSL has marked this as a fail result

deployed on AWS Lambda

Install Locally

Great for checking lots of sites, scripting or use with private servers


docker run --rm szazeski/checkssl

Linux or Mac

wget$(uname -s)_$(uname -m).tar.gz -O checkssl.tar.gz && tar -xf checkssl.tar.gz && chmod +x checkssl && sudo mv checkssl /usr/bin/

Mac via Mac Ports

sudo port install checkssl

Mac via Homebrew

brew install szazeski/tap/checkssl

Windows Powershell

Invoke-WebRequest -outfile checkssl.tar.gz; tar -xzf checkssl.tar.gz; echo "if you want, move the file to a PATH directory like WINDOWS folder"

View github installation instructions for how to install on mac and windows

Download Releases for Windows, Mac, or Linux

View Source / Contribute New Features

Checkssl is an open source project that you can modify and use for your personal or commercial projects.

Goto checkssl on Github

Written in Go under a MIT License

Jenkins Continuous Integration Setup

Simple, no dependency command that integrates into your CI workflows

Add a build step with Execute Script


See the list of available environment variables

Other Tools to Check Out

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Mozilla SSL Config produces ideal SSL config for various web servers.

BadSSL maintains testing servers with various issues, great for testing your monitoring setup

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